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Digital Media and Social media is the biggest opportunity in all brands right now. Digital and Social Media is everywhere on your mobile phones, computers, TV and even appliances. The mobile phone is the new TV, the internet is the new newspapers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube these are the new major news distributors.

Customer engagement is are the true growth areas for all businesses. If you are not investing in digital and social media you’re missing out on engaging and interacting with your customers. It is no longer enough just to post once per week on social media. If you want to turn clicks into customers you need to engage your audience.

The Million dollar question is…. How do I do engage with my customers? Where would I start to grow my audience?

Welcome to Savages Media, we work with you to create content and engage with your current and potential customers. You know your business, you know your customers. We know digital media and social media. We can implement a targeted branding and strategies, that will take your brand to the next level for a fraction of what you would pay for them in-house. So drop us a line, you know people are talking


Our Services

Social Media Management

We conduct an audit then create a plan to optimize your social media. We make sure you’re easy to find for your customers. Our service then implements a content strategy then we frequently post, engaging your targeted customers. 

Community Development

We help create and grow your online community. We implement  plans based on high-quality content, great timing and consistent frequency to optimize posts. We create and execute strategies that gets your content in the RIGHT places.

Content Generation

We are the experts in content creation for all digital and social media mediums. We have you covered with creative images, graphics, video editing, content writing, transcription. All under one roof fast turn around. 

Content Repurposing

We have processes, we advise you on how to create a small amount of content. We then re-purpose and distribute this content across all mediums. 

Monitor & Engage

We monitor all platforms engaging with potential clients and customers in real time. We respond to feedback and inquiries, elevating as required. 

No BS approach to paid advertising

We give an open honest approach to paid advertising, no hidden fees or costs. We create great content and execute in a targeted campaigns these get brands results.

One stop shop

Everything you need is right here. We have Graphic designers, Web designers, Animators, SEO, App developers excited to deliver your next marketing branding campaign.


We report on our performance tracking the areas throughout the optimization and creation process. We are always reviewing and adjusting to improve giving the best Return on your marketing dollars.

Save Time

We save you time and money. 1-2 hours per week on average it takes our clients to collaborate and review content. Then we EXECUTE for you! On boarding and issue resolution is handled by our Aussie owner communication is key for us. WE SAVE YOU TIME.

Our Clients

Results That Speak For Themselves

Savage Media and I have been working together for the past 12 months, I am a former professional Mixed Martial Artist for the past 10 years UFC veteran, I now own multiple MMA gyms and owner and president of Legend MMA. Savage Media has taken full control of all my businesses media and organized and structured my whole plan, I am extremely thankful and proud to be working with such a professional team, they have taken me and my company’s to a level I did not think possible.

James McSweeney
Professional MMA Competitor

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